Sunday, February 17, 2013

TARMA Link System Live Feed

Well I was finally approved for the TARMA Link System feed over at Radio Reference.  The feed is now online and available for streaming!

I had a chance to catch up with Bryan (N5TZV) the  technical coordinator for the TARMA Link System and he was happy to hear about the feed going on line.

To read more about the TARMA Link System you can visit the website here.  Listen to the feed below!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Houston Scanner Fequencies

I would love to compile a huge list of frequencies for the Houston area but unfortunately it would take about 2 years if I started right now.  So I will kindly link over to our friends at Radio Reference where you can find an amazing list of Houston scanner frequencies.

Here is a nice organized list of frequencies from about every agency in Houston.  Click this link to see the list of Houston Scanner Frequencies.

You can also download the frequencies here in CSV format.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Houston Wide Amateur Radio Live Stream

This stream was setup to keep activity high for more listening entertainment. I set the scanner up with over 40 repeaters that are all within 75 miles or less of Houston.

Equipment used:

BCT15X Scanner
6 foot stereo cable from scanner to PC mic port
ScannerCast software

Complete list of frequencies in the bank (Click this link then scroll down)

Not only can you listen online but you can also listen on your iphone or other internet related devices.  For iphones you can download the app called Scanner+ or Scanner911.  They are both free apps.

If you own or know of a repeater not in the list and you would like it added, feel free to contact me.

Bush Intercontinental Airport Live Feed


Below is the feed for Bush Intercontinental Airport. Feed provided by N5AMS

Monday, February 11, 2013

HPD Now Accepting Applications!

Have you ever wanted to serve your county as a police officer?  Nothing is impossible.  If you have the perseverance you can do anything!

Houston Police Department is now accepting applications for the June 10, 2013 academy class.  Apply at

FreeScan Software - Scanner Programming

FreeScan is exactly what the title implies.  A free scanning software and a dang good one.  I use FreeScan to program all of my Bearcat scanners.  Bearcat scanners are amongst the most popular scanners out there so this software comes in great handy to the majority.

Click to enlarge
When you first look at the software it might look complex.  I actually figured out the software by simply playing around with it for an hour or so.  There are good instructions on the FreeScan website as well as a support forum.

What makes this software amazing is if your a premium member of Radio Reference, all you have to do is log in through the FreeScan software and import the frequencies straight from Radio Reference.

If you dont feel like paying for a premium membership you can apply to be a feed broadcaster.  Feed broadcasters get free premium memberships.

Houston Police Scanner Feed

This is the Houston Police live scanner feed.  This feed does not include any tactical agencies or talk groups.

145.1700 Scanner Feed Online

I am happy to announce I have the 145.1700 EchoLink repeater feed online.  This feed uses a GRE PSR-500 hand held scanner.

This repeater is owned and operated by Wayne Write (KA5QDG).  The repeater is located on one of the tallest buildings downtown Houston more than 1100 feet in the air.

Pictured left is Wayne at the site of the repeater.  I spoke to Wayne a few times and he always welcomes people to come on over and talk on his repeater.

You can dial in through EchoLink on node 5551.

If you found the repeater through this site be sure to let people know and tell Wayne I said hello!